Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Question 1. There are so many different projects you can learn from! If you mean the project I chose, my friend convinced me and picking up a small skill such as Digital Painting can be a time killer and sounds interesting.

Question 2 : To Digitally Paint over Photos, and also possibly draw on the laptop if required~

Question 3 1: What exactly are we going to do?

Plenary Sessions :

Learning Earth Science can save lives. There is a plate under Singapore right now, easily causing earthquakes in Indonesia. Earth Science is also the study of many other things, and is part of a much broader catagory

3D animation is more cost effective versus 2D animation. 2D Animation is a lot more labor intensive as it causes as it causes the artists to draw every individual frame. Whereas 3D Animation is done with the magic of COMPUTERS.

Nanotech is the future for many things, such as medical treatment against cancer. It is a large wide broad category and can be an expert in one little area of the subject but not the overall broad topic.

Overall, the first day is a good introduction to what we may experience tomorrow. Looking Forward to It!

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