Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Question 1. So, what we did? Well, we digipainted a few things, in my case, myself, putting the Singapore Flag on the Moon.

Question 2. Well, I learned to have no limits, let the imagination flow through you. I used little dots as stars. Looks Amazing either way. I also learnt that what adds on to realism such as shadows, and darkening of certain parts of the body. It's the little things. It is also good to have flexibility in case the first plan fails. Lastly, aim for perfection, maybe the help from above will help you achieve it.

Question 3. Discipline? Well, I have to listen when required, or you'll miss vital information that is crucial since you know NOTHING of this subject. You also have to be patient, everything is difficult when you first start.

Question 4. School. Home. EVERYWHERE.

Question 5. So Assuming Insights mean thoughts, my thoughts on this project is all about realizing your creativity. I find myself to have a great sense of creativity and now, i'm pretty sure it's unparalleled. I also made note of something else, when my photo was taken care of, my position was flexible.

Conclusion : I thoroughly enjoyed the day, was a refreshing day for my mind and id probably be using this skill at home, be it to design a birthday card, or to design a school project.

 Love - Jose =D

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